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Take A Big Breath – 20 Relaxation Exercises For Kids 40% off Sale. Was $19.99. Now $12.00

With anxiety on the rise, it’s critical that parents have resources available to help build resilience in their children. Learning skills from a young age will help to equip them for life.

This 80-page book can help reduce anxiety in children whilst building further connections, not only between parent and child but also with a loving Heavenly Father.

Using biblical principles combined with relaxation exercises, ‘Take A Big Breath’ teaches your child practical strategies to help in times of stress. 

By having resources that help reduce anxiety, parents can gain a sense of hope and relief that their children can learn to manage their emotions.

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‘The techniques suggested in this book have proven to be very effective. My 5-year-old has found counting her tummy rises very helpful when she is feeling anxious at bedtime. She has been initiating this process on her own accord when she is feeling unsettled or struggling to wind down. 

We have also found “Being Thankful” a wonderful tool. 


“Shauna your book is amazing! Luke and I have just started our daily sessions. It’s actually really incredible and so engaging which is surprising for a 3 year old lol. You probably get this a lot but I thought I’d just put my 2 cents in!! Thanks so much!”  

3 year old just wanted to keep praying, You have to be happy about that!’


“We use this book during our rest time at our early learning centre each day (children ages 3-5). Since including it in our routine, we as educators have noticed the difference that it makes to take the children through the breathing and imagery – especially for those children with high energy. The children love participating and will quickly prompt us if we have forgotten to read from “the rest book”.
The children have really benefited from doing these relaxation exercises, and now, as soon as we pick up the book, they all shuffle onto their backs and place their hands on their stomach. It’s something they genuinely enjoy, and will choose to do over us reading a story book (they especially enjoy the “body check“)”. 

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