Struggling To Find Mental Health Resources
That Align With Your Christian Faith?

Search no more! As a member of Christian Relaxation, you will have 24/7 access to valuable resources that are firmly grounded in Scripture and intended to strengthen your relationship with Jesus.



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Join Christian Relaxation For Support In Improving Your Mental Health Through A Christian Worldview

  Here’s what you get!  24/7 access to the audio relaxation exercises, 
PLUS a variety of downloadable resources for all ages!

Quick Introduction Video

Let me take you through the Christian Relaxation membership site to show you how it works and to give you a sneak preview of the content.

10 Exclusive Membership Benefits

1. Christian Relaxation Exercises for All Ages (Audio)

Guided relaxation exercises are a popular way to unwind. With gentle background music, simple breathing exercises and Godly guidance based on biblical principles and scientific research, these audio exercises are a peaceful way to de-stress. Includes age-appropriate exercises for 3-7 years, 8-12 years, teens, and adults. Simply log into your membership and have access to guided relaxation exercises 24/7.

Audio - Christian Relaxation
bible studies

2. Bible Studies

Use these Bible studies for personal use or for your home group/cell group (there is a generous limit on the number of copies you can print). The Bible studies are kicking off with the ‘Sound Mind’ series.

Further series to be added soon.

3. Colouring-in and Activity Sheets (All Ages)

Who would have thought that colouring-in would have become such a popular past-time for children and adults alike! Take some time away from your busy day to focus on colouring these printable pictures that are based on the Word of God.

Colouring In activities
Mental Health Toolkits

4. Toolkits

Whether you are looking for tools and strategies to help improve your own or a loved one’s mental health, the practical advice and activities in these toolkits will assist you on that journey.

5. Mental Health Worksheets

Download and print these practical worksheets to help monitor, plan and implement strategies for improving mental health. From sleep diaries to pleasant event schedules, to balanced life worksheets and more… great resources to help improve your mental health.


6. Instructional Videos

Ever wondered how to actually deep breathe properly? How about some strategies to help you sleep better? These short, instructional videos will help guide you on a path to improved mental health.

7. Exclusive Facebook Community (Members Only)

Join Shauna in the members-only Facebook community where you will be able to develop a sense of community and belonging, helping you realise you are not alone on your journey. Shauna will host lives, guest speakers, short posts, articles, polls, special offers, and a whole lot of fun along the way!

Facebook Community - Members Only
Exclusive Short Challenge Facebook Popup Group

8. Exclusive Short Challenge Pop-up Facebook Groups (Members Only) 

Join in for some more fun as you learn to apply new strategies in a safe environment. With practical tips and resources to strengthen your mental health practices, Shauna will guide you through specific topics that will assist you on the road to better mental health. These pop-up challenges will usually range from 3-7 days in length.

9. Competitions

Enter for your chance to win prizes such as books, vouchers, and more.  Competitions will run monthly and include various activities such as writing, designing, colouring and more!


10. Automatic Subscription To Newsletter

As a member, you are automatically subscribed to the regular newsletter. The newsletter will contain valuable information such as hints and tips, member discounts/promotions, news and views, etc.

We Are Offering ONE VIP Membership With THREE Affordable Payment Options

Whichever Plan You Choose You Will Receive

The Same Great Value!

  1. Cancel anytime.
  2. All membership benefits included.
  3. Billing occurs automatically on your anniversary date, every 3, 6, or 12 months.
  4. As a member, your fee NEVER changes for the life of your subscription. This means that as the price of the subscription increases, your fee STAYS AT THE SAME LOWER PRICE. (NB If you cancel your subscription and decide to join at a later date, your new fee will be based on the relevant fee at the time of re-joining).

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