Take A Big Breath – Relaxation Exercises for Adults (Audio)


In a fast-paced world, it is essential to find time to
de-stress from the busyness of everyday life.

By combining biblical principles with scientific
research, this book gives you practical strategies to
help calm your mind and body in under 10

These exercises will not only help you develop
skills to manage your emotions better, but will also
help draw you into a closer relationship with God.


Contents  (A Zipped Folder download with The Following Audio Files)

1. Intro
2. About the Author
3. How to Get the most out of the exercises
4. How Relaxation Exercises Work
5. Exercise 1 Building Self Esteem
6. Exercise 2 Thankfulness
7. Exercise 3 Beach Walk
8. Exercise 4 Who I am in Christ
9. Exercise 5 Generosity and Kindness
10. Exercise 6 My Safe Place
11. Exercise 7 Lovely Things
12. Exercise 8 Progressive Muscle Relaxation
13. Outro

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