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I’m Shauna, a passionate Jesus lover with a heart for improving mental health through a Christian worldview.

Shauna Gallagher - Christian Relaxation

About Shauna Gallagher

Thanks so much for joining me on a mental health journey that seeks to draw us closer to Jesus. As a mental health nurse, I see first-hand the devastation that mental illness can bring. Yet on the other hand, in spite of those challenges, I get to see the spiritual peace and contentment that Jesus can bring too.

I’m a wife, mother of four adult children and three children-in-law, and affectionately known as ‘Nanny’ to four, simply adorable grandchildren! My husband, John, is a Pastor and we love to reach out into our local community and shine the light of Jesus into the darkness. 

Throughout my life, I have always had an innate sense of community and just love being around people. Connecting with others is a way of life for me, so I’m not surprised God has led me to building an online community. I have a heart for those who are suffering, and long to see them in a loving relationship with Jesus.

Through my own family’s mental health journey, Jesus has been the Rock, the steadying guide, and the purpose behind what I do. Most families are affected by mental illness these days, so I see my own personal, professional, and faith experiences supporting connection with others in similar circumstances.

I love to hear other people’s stories and how Jesus has been their lifeline. Please feel free to tell me your story and how the arms of Jesus have supported you (shauna@christianrelaxation.com).

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