About Shauna 

Shauna Gallagher is a Mental Health Nurse with a Masters in Mental Health Nursing.

About Shauna Gallagher

Shauna has a calling on her life and a real desire to reach those whom God places on her path. Her deeply empathic nature finds her connecting well with people from all walks of life. Having experienced mental health issues in her family adds a further dimension to this, allowing Shauna to relate to the struggles that can arise in these situations.

Working in the mental health field has given Shauna the opportunity to express her love for God and people through the writing of her first book. 

Combining her career with her faith has drawn her closer to understanding God and how He has so intricately and beautifully designed our bodies.  Through her passion for mental health, Shauna seeks to share the Word of God by combining scientific research and Biblical principles. This not only helps improve mental health, but also helps to draw the person into a closer relationship with God.

Through training as a Registered Nurse, her subsequent move into the mental health field and then studying her Masters in Mental Health Nursing, Shauna’s lifelong passion for helping people has taken her on an exciting journey of discovery.

Shauna enjoys making connections with others through her many roles as a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, mentor and colleague. Now as an author, Shauna enjoys further connections through speaking events and workshops, helping others to understand better mental health and a closer walk with God.

Shauna Gallagher - Christian Relaxation

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